Skoda Vision iV Concept Gets Driven, Still Looks Brilliant

Audi launched the first all-electric SUV in the VW Group, while the e-Up! city car now has sisters from both Skoda and SEAT. But the e-mobility revolution will come from the MEB platform, and the Vision iV previews Skoda’s probable first version of the car.

After several concepts, VW is about to launch the ID 3, a small electric hatchback also based on the MEB. Some 20,000 pre-orders have already been registered, meaning the group could become a huge player. The microbus, a sedan, and the Audi Q4 e-tron have all been previewed. But to be brutally honest, the Vision iV is our favorite model, at least as a concept.

iV is the name of Skoda’s e-mobility brand, which already includes the Citigo EV and Superb PHEV. But this looks like nothing they currently have in production. The concept takes the shape of a wedge-like crossover, wider at the back and with Lamborghini-like shoulders.
Black trim contrasts against the yellow paint, and the LED lights cut straight through an interesting new grille design. Some of the elements will be kept for the production model, such as the shape of the steering wheel or the placement of the screen.

Skoda has the good habit of making concepts that are pretty close to the real thing, but it’s been a while since one of them was available for test-drives. DrivingElectric takes the Vision iV for a spin around a car park, and although it can’t be treated like a normal car, the concept is promising.

The attention to detail is amazing, with the L&K interior featuring Volvo-like pale wood inserts and futuristic vents everywhere. The high-range version should have 306 HP from two motors, one for each axle, while the base model should have just one rear motor with about 204 HP. Obviously, it’s not going to be cheap, but you should be able to buy one for around €40,000, about half the price of an Audi e-tron.

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