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Jean Cocteau once said “Celebrity: I picture myself as a marble bust with legs to run everywhere.” Nowadays we measure fame in terms of brand image.
A brand is a symbol and its significance links products to consumers, providing the framework for an interaction generating business success. Brands have the role of combining several characteristics defining a company and they outline product qualities.

“The Brandoers was born as a tool for us to help brands discover their true potential, create the image and the story they want to tell, based on strategies that focus on reaching pre-agreed targets. We like creative ideas and we love implementing them. These days, technology moves forward at great speed and, with it, we too have to evolve. The focus is changing every day, from one platform to the next. There is need for a full-time commitment and constant presence on social media platforms so that we can create a loyal audience for our brand. We are aware of all that and we are passionate about building together with our partners,” said Bogdan Ladaru, Strategy Builder, The Brandoers.
Brands play a crucial role in business and in creating a company image, as they support sales and maintain the ties with existing customers. The Brandoers was born to help companies create their own brands, to develop concepts and ideas, to support attitudes and trends through social media.
Brands generate consumer expectations. When people are undecided about a product, they tend to choose a known brand, a make that will induce emotion and has a predictable
behavior. Branding and rebranding are complex processes and The Brandoers aims to help companies find their place in their industry, promoting their image and product message in the media.
With a presentation website, the brand-creation process will help you individualize your business from other companies and products, will elicit emotions and reactions from customers and suppliers, will create the identity and significance of the product or services offered by the company.
The Brandoers tells the story of its team of brand creators and their natural evolution.
Being much more than just a media agency,
The Brandoers builds the reputation of a company, develops and strengthens a brand, generates success for its customers’ products and services through media presence. The tight-knit, inspired team has reinvented itself in the shape of a young and solid media agency that creates brands and consolidates symbols and stories in a wide range of business sectors. From beauty to tourism, from coaching and personal development to various niche businesses, the companies using The Brandoers’ services witness a constant and natural development of their market presence. Building communities around brands leads to prestige, fame and success.
“The set of values is changing from a good commercial position, the lowest price and the biggest discount to an extraordinary story, the value added offered to customers, brand vulnerability and daily customer involvement. Today, we have a daily interaction and we need to set up a smart form of communication with the fans, so we can keep their attention focused on the brand,” said Mariana Dinica, Marketing
Manager, The Brandoers.
The media tools are now at Brandoers’ team fingertips. Social networks, blogger and influencer communities help on building brand awareness, and organic growth allows companies to achieve more prominent positions as a result of The Brandoers’ inspired and professional actions.
Their progress has been fast over the last year, and its own rebranding represented a step towards maturity and professional success. Bogdan Ladaru and Mariana Dinica inspired The Brandoers team to position different companies on social networks, boosting reputation and fame for valued names such as Photohotel, Maria Pauna, Atelier Maquillage Paris, coach Paul Ardeleanu.
Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin, any useful tool that can help build a brand’s reputation is put to use by the talented team at The Brandoers, and the results speak for themselves. Happy customers notice with satisfaction that media campaigns result in ever higher turnover figures, and their company’s reputation is growing with the natural evolution in the media.
Whether we are talking about building a strategy for promoting, implementing or creating relevant photo/ video content in keeping with the partner’s needs, the team has always found complete solutions. Promotional campaigns are designed by The Brandoers specialists so they can maximize results, while the organic growth can accurately reflect the brand’s evolution and improvement in the company’s image. The Brandoers team has been able to build strong relationships with its customers through professionalism and direct involvement.
An inspired brand transmits emotion to consumers, generates reactions and changes moods. Not everyone knows how to capture the essence of a product or service and sketch out a brand. It takes grace, flair and a sense of the market to capture exactly the message that needs to be delivered to consumers.
Social media has become more than ever an ideal marketing tool for companies that understand that their presence on the market actually depends on the value of their brand. The Brandoers team has already experienced the challenge of turning dull and basic companies into success stories, in which the newly created brands have generated value for the companies they represent. If you want to stand out, if you want to experience the feeling of fame and reputation in your area of activity, The Brandoers welcomes you to try and transform your company’s image. Together you can turn the idea you have long dreamed of into reality.

The interview is also available in our print edition of Business Arena.

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