World Class Romania invites you to #BeHealthyWithMe!

Let us be your inspiration for a better and healthier life and start your health & fitness journey with us!

When was the last time you thought about improving the quality of your life? We believe that if you play in the right team and choose the right place, you can achieve your greatest health & fitness goals. World Class Romania is the perfect place for that!

We have one big mission – to help more Romanians achieve a more active lifestyle. It’s not just about the fitness experience,
but about taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle that can lead to a better, stronger and happier self.

35 clubs and more to come

World Class wants to become a regular destination for its members, so our clubs are getting closer and more accessible to everyone. Our 35 clubs throughout the country are widely accessible, but we aim high and we won’t stop here. We plan to open more new and modern clubs, so we can contribute to a radical lifestyle transformation in Romania.
One of our newest clubs, Pure Fitness Tomis in Constanta, has become part of the World Class belief and invites more people to make a change in their life. Similar to other World Class clubs, Pure Fitness Tomis offers premium facilities, original Les Mills programs and the most varied group fitness classes for the ones who love the explosive energies created by the power of community. Located in the Tomis Mall, it has a privileged position and a clear mission to be closer to its members and to inspire them every day.
We want to be close to the people in Cluj too, so our expansion continues with the opening of World Class Record Park in June. Surrounded by lush greenery, the club is the perfect place where our members can find the balance between nature and sport. This space will incorporate a modern design and will benefit from a spectacular retractable pool that will serve both the interior and exterior spaces, where anyone can enjoy a good session of swimming or take a relaxing moment by the pool. We make continuous improvements and we always find ways to provide new and exciting design, in such a way that anyone can feel welcome in our environment.

Les Mills and World Class make the dream team

Together with our expansion strategy in the biggest cities in Romania, we also provide some of the most innovative fitness classes, developed by Les Mills, the world’s largest provider of fitness concepts, and by World Class health & fitness experts. From cardio to strength group classes, all of our programs are challenging your endurance and power. You can find the group of people that can help you to push yourself beyond limits and that can create the atmosphere that motivates you. World Class is a place for everyone, regardless of your fitness level. You can start your training slowly with Zumba, Pilates or stretching group classes and you can reach a higher fitness level with intense group classes, such as Body Pump, HIIT or Bag Boxing classes. Our fitness studios have the latest and most modern equipment, so brace yourself for the best health & fitness experience of your life.

You don’t know where to start?
Our PTs do.
We know that every member has specific needs, this is why everyone can choose personalized programs with our personal trainers, always ready to motivate and inspire you to become the best version of yourself. There are 400 experts at World Class, always there to advise, motivate and inspire you to take the decisions that can change your life. Our trainers have international expertise and certifications, and some of them are winners of national, regional or world sports competitions. Moreover, they are constantly aware of the latest developments in the fitness world – whether we are talking about courses, conferences or local events. Their mission is to build a partnership based on trust, will and empowerment that can only lead to good results and satisfied members.

Work-life balance is important for World Class

Because we care about the work-life balance, World Class wants you to have happier and healthier employees and has a corporate programme that will help them have a balanced lifestyle, more activity in their free time, higher resistance to stress and personalized programmes with professional trainers and a wellness programme at work.
World Class Romania believes in the power of the partnership between you and its trainers and knows that only together you can make the perfect team. Let them be your inspiration, your motivation and your mates and start the journey on the greatest health & fitness road towards the best version of yourself!

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